BeautiFill® Laser Liposuction

A Wellness and Aesthetics Practice located in Edgewater, MD

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Laser Therapy services offered in Edgewater, MD

Revitalize your appearance with BeautiFill®, a cutting-edge solution harnessing revolutionary laser technology. This non-surgical procedure effectively eliminates live fat cells, offering clinically proven results that not only reduce unwanted fat in specific areas but also repurpose these cells to enhance volume where needed.

BeautiFill® Treatments Include: 

Laser-assisted liposuction |Laser-assisted Fat Harvesting |Fat Transfer


Common Liposuction and Fat Harvesting Sites: 

Abdomen |Thighs |Hips |Back|Arms

Common Fat Transfer Sites: 


          Laser lipolysis and fat transfer techniques have undergone significant advancements in recent years, streamlining the process of fat removal, aspiration, and processing for aesthetic purposes. The innovative BeautiFill® Fat Transfer System enables our medical professionals to perform multiple steps concurrently. Prior to the procedure, we will prepare you and administer your chosen anesthesia or sedation method. Your doctor will insert a cannula into the harvesting area, initiating the removal process. The extracted fat is then suctioned through a tube and directed into the BeautiFill® Fat Transfer System for purification, making it ready for reinjection into various areas on your face or body. Unlike traditional step-by-step procedures, the BeautiFill® system ensures that fat is prepared for transfer immediately after harvesting. We will then prepare the injection site(s), transferring the purified fat tissue layer by layer to the targeted area requiring volume.