About Melissa Ramsey, FNP

Aesthetics Medical Director in Edgewater, MD

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Melissa Ramsey, FNP

She is a nurse practitioner that started her career over ten years ago as a cardiac nurse. This is where my passion for wellness began.
I worked the night shift and often talked to my patients after their procedures. The ones that struck me the most were the patients waiting on the heart transplant list. I was often told by my patients If they could repeat anything, it would be to take better care of their health and eating habits. This began my personal journey to get healthy and to make it my life's mission to assist people in leading healthier lives. I reached my highest weight of 306 pounds and lost the weight through diet and exercise. I know what it is like to struggle with weight loss as well as how to assist you in achieving your desired results.

I have learned over the years that there is no quick fix for losing weight, and getting healthy fad diets often results in weight gain and frustration. Consistency is key and will help with weight loss goals beyond willpower. Individuals who create healthy environments for weight loss and place their wellbeing as a priority and as a form of self-love will succeed on this life-long journey.

I believe that mindset is everything, and learning how to enjoy the journey will help people stay the course. My motto is that whatever you do to lose weight is what you must do to maintain. Dietary modifications are encouraged over food group eliminations, so there is never an endpoint. Enjoy what you eat along the way. Developing a positive relationship with food will establish new lifelong sustainable healthy habits.

My second passion is aesthetics. I believe this is a personal decision that people make and should feel comfortable and informed regarding their procedures.
I have extensive training in dermal fillers, PDO Threads, and other injectables that assist you in feeling your best. I give a detailed consultation that will lay out the best plan for you to get the results you desire.
At Get Your Body Back, affectionately called "GYBB" we treat everyone like family. So let us help you achieve your desired health and beauty goals.
I look forward to serving you.